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Growing Up

Here’s an aging Mai.
(1 year old, 6 years old, 12 years old and 18 years old.)
I really wanted to do this, just to figure how she would grow. So I talked to Ren and Tinks to help me out.

Like Tooth, Mai is completely normal until she loses her last baby tooth at 12, and she gains her wings. Mai also realizes that her long hair gets in the way of her flying and decides to wear it short ever since.

She has Jack’s hair, skin tone and a bit of his rebelious nature and sense of adventure. She shares both their eye color because of her heterochromia.

She is Tooth’s height (maybe an inch taller), her curves and she does have a few feathers that frame her eyes and run up her back over her neck. Like her mother she’s very excitable and incredibly kind.